Printing (Test, then Print)

When you are happy with your layout on the computer, put a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 blank paper into your printer and test print your labels.  Cut out the plain paper labels and place them on your handle to make sure the size is right.  
Check to make sure the circle is 3" wide.
Once you're happy with the way your graphics look on your handle, put a sheet of the adhesive, waterproof label paper in the printer.  The blue line on your paper is the back of the paper.  Printers are different.  On our printer, the back of the paper goes face up in the tray.  Make sure you know how yours works before you print the paper.  
When you print your labels, use Paper Type: Photo Paper and Quality: Best.  The maximum DPI print quality isn't necessary and may result in excess ink.

Let dry for 15 minutes.

Flush briefly under cool water to rinse off any excess ink.

Lay on a flat surface until completely dry.  Don't try to pat dry!  Be patient, have a beer.