How big is the tap handle?  Will it fit my keg?
  •The handle is 12" tall (including the aluminum fitting on the bottom) and 3" wide.  The fitting is a 3/8" - 16 NC, the standard in bars and home keg systems.

I don't use PayPal.  Is there another way to purchase Handle Your Brew? 
 •Phone us at 410-732-8414 or stop by the shop at 1 N. Haven St. Baltimore, MD  21224

Is it OK to use copyrighted graphics to make my tap handle?
  •No.  Upload photos you've taken, download public domain clip art or clip art you buy, scan your own sketches.  It's much more impressive that stealing copyrighted images. 

Can I changed the labels on my tap handles after I've stuck them down?
   •We give you two sheets of paper, so if you change your mind about an image, you can put on a new set of labels.  There might be a bit of adhesive residue to deal with.  The chalkboard label is a great way to change your beer name every time you swap your keg to a new brew.

I want to order more than one handle, but the PayPal site won't let me.
  •We're working on this.  Give us a call (410-732-8414) or send us an e-mail (mark@marksupikco.com), we'll work it out. 

I want to send you a photo of my handle for your gallery.  How do I do that?
  •Please do!  We'd love to add them to our gallery.  E-mail your photo to mark@marksupikco.com 

The site says, "Made in USA".  True or partly true?
  • It's completely "True".  The wooden handles are made from Appalachian ash.  The lumber is milled and turned here in our Baltimore wood turning shop.  We don't make the aluminum ferrules ourselves, but they are made in Connecticut.  

What's a good printer setting for printing my labels?
  •Every ink jet printer is different.  The "paper type" setting should be set on Photo Paper.  The "quality" needs to be set on "Best".  Many printers have a higher quality setting like "Maximum DPI".  If you use this setting you'll notice when you flush your labels that a lot of ink washes off.  We've found that with "Best", you end up washing off less ink and still get a great quality result.

What Graphics program do you recommend? 
  •You have lots of choices.  We've designed templates to use with Microsoft Word, Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements), and Illustrator.  You can use any graphics program that allows you to import a .jpg or .pdf file.  

I don't do computer graphics.  What can you suggest?   
  •You can  design a handle without using any graphics program.  The adhesive die cut chalkboard paper perfectly fits the stem label section, just stick it on.  The circle section can be hand painted using acrylic paints for those of you who can handle a brush.  Or think collage!  Even 3-D items can be glued on with CA glues (i.e. Crazy Glue, Super Glue).  Hope you'll share your creations with us.