Hints for Designing Your Handle

Where to start?  The first thing you'll want to do, is upload one of the templates provided. Click on Templates in the main menu bar and choose the file type that works with your graphics program.   Your image can come from a public domain clip art site, a photo you've taken or original artwork designed in a graphics program or scanned from work drawn by hand.  

One source of graphics is a public domain clip art site.  There's one provided with Microsoft Word.  You might want to try ClicArt.com or Clckr.com.  Insert (or place) the clip art on the template page.  Avoid the "drag and drop" method of importing.  We've found it can cause size distortion.  Instead, look for "place" or "insert" as an option. Resize the graphic to fit within the 3" circle.  

WordArt in Microsoft word, or a similar text tool in Photoshop or Illustrator can help you curve your brew name around the edge of the circle or create vertical text on the stem label.

Once you've designed the handle, copy the images and text to the second handle (assuming you want identical labeling for the front and back).  Of course, that's up to you.