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Handle Your Brew!
Everything you need to create
a custom handle for your home brew.

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What's in the kit...
  • a solid ash, cherry or gloss black woodturned handle with label surfaces on two sides
  • an aluminum ferrule to attach the handle to a standard keg system
  • two pieces of adhesive waterproof label paper that will work with your inkjet printer
  • two die cut pieces of adhesive chalkboard paper (optional)
  • an instruction pamphlet and links to on-line support
  • (even a piece of chalk)

What you need to add...
  • inspiration for a unique handle design for your home keg
  • an ink jet printer
  • a basic graphics program (Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Illustrator or others)
  • basic knowledge of how to use the graphics program (or access to a friend or relative who can help!)
  • a pair of sharp scissors